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Wednesday, July20:

          7:00p.m.  Why We Leave Home

The Lordship of Jesus as Motivation for Missions

Antenor Gonçalves (Itu, Brazil)

Thursday, July 21:

10:30a.m.  He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands

 Partnering with What God Is Doing in Global Missions

Daniel Rodriguez (Los Angeles, CA)

7:00p.m.  They Gave Themselves First To the Lord

Improving Our Stewardship of Human and Financial Resources

Monte Cox (Searcy, AR)

Friday, July22:

10:30a.m.  The Greatest Story Never Heard

Discovering the Core of the Christian Message

Rich Little (Australia and Naperville, IL)

Saturday, July23:

4:00p.m.  Churches:  Stewards of God’s Mission

Calling the Local Church to Its Missionary Role

Jim Reppart (Fort Worth, TX)



Panel 1, Thursday, 4:00 PM Lessons from Great Mission Churches

                                 Moderator:  Philip Slate


Panel 2, Friday, 4:00 PM   Interface with Domestic Church Planting and Global Church Planting—What We Can Learn from Each Other

                                Moderator:  Jay Jarboe

                             Panel:  Stan Granberg, Gailyn Van Rheneen


Panel 3, Saturday, 10:30 AM  If I Had to Do It Over Again . . .

                                    Moderator:  Howard Norton



Track 1:  MISSIONARY CARE   (Coordinator:  Dottie Schulz)

* This track is credited by ACU for mental health specialists to receive continuing education credit.  

Thursday:  Introduction to Missionary Care

·        8:30  Why Do Missionary Care?

                   Dottie Schulz 

·        2:00  Why Do Pre-field Assessment?

                   Steve Allison

·        3:00  Psychological Screening of Individuals and Families

                   Brian Stogner

Friday:  Pre-Field Assessment

·        8:30  Using Interviews in Assessment

                   Steve Allison

·        2:00  What is Unique About Missionary Families?

                   Nancy Shewmaker

·        3:00  Becoming a Specialist in Missionary Care

                   Dale Hawley

Saturday:  The Church’s Role in Missionary Care

·        8:30  Helping Missionaries in Crisis

                   Charles Lindsay

                                ·        2:00  Coming Home:  Helping Missionaries with Re-entry

                                      Joyce Blake

                                ·        3:00  Church, Missionaries, and Insurance

                                      Hal Adams of Adams and Associates, International 


Track 2: LOCAL CHURCHES AND MISSIONS (Coordinator:  Bob Waldron)

            Thursday:  Missions Strategy for Your Church

                                ·        8:30  Choosing the Right Missionary

                                      Bob Waldron

                                ·        2:00  Developing Your Missions Policy

                                      Philip Slate

                   ·        3:00  Organizing Your Missions Committee

                                       Glover Shipp

Friday:  Transforming US Churches Through Effective Missions

                                ·        8:30  Transformation through Foreign Missions

                                      Roger Pritchett 

                                ·        2:00  Transformation through Short-Term Missions

                                      Craig Altrock

                                ·        3:00  Transformation through US Cross-Cultural Missions

                                      Homer Burks

Saturday:  Effective Missions Leadership in Your Church

·        8:30  Characteristics of Effective Missions Leaders

              Roger Pritchett

·        2:00  Administrating Missions in Your Church

              Ron Holland

·        3:00  Missions Promoter -- What a Job!

              Grover Beakley


Track 3: PREPARING TO GO  (Coordinator:  Sonny Guild)

Thursday:  Effective Mission Teams

·        8:30  Begin With the Right People

              Bryan Gibbs, Sonny Guild

·         2:00  Activities that Build a Team

               Bryan Gibbs, Sonny Guild

·         3:00  Avoid the Pitfalls

              Bryan Gibbs, Sonny Guild 

Friday:  Fundraising for Missions

·        8:30  Theology of Fundraising

              Bryan Gibbs

·        2:00  How to Raise Support Without Going Insane

              Alan Phillips

·        3:00  Alternative Fundraising Methods

              Bryan Gibbs

Saturday:  Roots of Missions

·        8:30  Missions in the O.T.

              Mark Blackwelder

·        2:00  Missions in the N.T.

              Mark Blackwelder

·        3:00  Lessons from Missions History

              Glover Shipp


Track 4: DOMESTIC CHURCH PLANTING (Coordinator:  Stan Granberg)

Thursday:  Creating Sustainable Church Movements

·        8:30  Mission with a Movement in Mind

              Stan Granberg, Jay Jarboe

·        2:00  Structure that Creates and Sustains a Movement

              Stan Granberg, Jay Jarboe

·        3:00  Leadership that Sustains a Movement

              Stan Granberg, Jay Jarboe

Friday:  Reaching International Students Through Effective Campus    Ministries

·        8:30  The World at Our Doorstep-The Opportunity

              David Finch, Ron Wade

·        2:00  Examples of Successful International Campus Ministries

              David Finch, Ron Wade

·        3:00  Practical Help for International Student Ministry

              David Finch, Ron Wade

Saturday:  When the Sending Church Becomes a Missional Church

·        8:30  Starting New Churches in Your Area

              Gailyn Van Rheenen

·        2:00  The World at Our Back Door

              Steve Sherman

·        3:00  Crossing Racial, Economic and Class Barriers in the City

                                      Steve Sherman


Track 5: MINISTERING TO THE WHOLE PERSON (Coordinator:  Mark Hooper)

Thursday:  Medical Missions Workshop

·        8:30  Current Opportunities in Medical Missions  

              Glen Boyd

·        2:00  Malaria, Cholera and Parasites Galore:  Serving through Health Care Missions               Janice Bingham

·        3:00  Opening Doors Through Medical Missions 

              Bill McDonough

Friday:  Holistic Ministry

·        8:30  Micro Finance

              Oneal Tankersley

·        2:00  Helping People  Help Themselves

              Dave Goolsby

·        3:00  Hands On Compassion

              Oneal Tankersley and others

Saturday:  Tsunami: What Next? Moderators:  Monte Cox & Onela Tankersley

·        8:30   Don Yelton, Randy Steger, Bill McDonough, Linda Purdy, Ray Hughes, Johnny Jordan, Larry Buck, Jake Morris

·        2:00                                                                   

·        3:00                                                                   


Track 6: MISSIONARY COMMUNICATIONS  (Coordinator:  Frank Farr)

Thursday:  Mass Media and Evangelism: Cooperative Partnership

·        8:30  The Power of Radio

              Andy Baker, Ken Bolden

·        2:00  The Power of the Visual

              Ziden Nutt, Rex Morgan

·        3:00  The Power of the Page

              Frank Farr, Mladen Jovanovic

Friday:  Communicating the Mission

·        8:30  How to Better Publicize Your Work

              Erik Tryggestad

·        2:00  How to Produce Effective News Releases

              Erik Tryggestad

·        3:00  How to take Quality Photographs

              Erik Tryggestad

Saturday:  Bible Correspondence

·        8:30  World English Institute – Emphasis on Muslim World

              Dick Ady

·        2:00  World Bible School

              Tex Williams, John Reese

·        3:00  World Bible School

              Tex Williams, John Reese


Track 7: CHALLENGES OF TODAY’S MISSION (Coordinator:  Evertt Huffard)

Thursday:  Islam and the Christian:  Opening Doors and Facing Fears

·        8:30  Finding Common Ground

              Evertt Huffard

·        2:00  What Muslims can’t Understand about Christianity

              Evertt Huffard

·        3:00  Case Studies of Muslim Church Planting

                        Evertt Huffard

Friday:  Breeching the Great Wall of China

·         8:30  Reaching China Through Student Ministries in the USA

Homer Burks

·         2:00  Reaching China’s Scholars and Future Leaders

Milo Hadwin

·         3:00  Empowering Chinese Students for Mission

Martin and Marcus Rodriguez 

Saturday:  China Missions in the 21st Century

·         8:30  Learning from Our Past: A panel of present and former  missionaries to the Chinese

Daniel Rodriguez: Moderator

·         2:00  There is a Hole in the Great Wall: Teaching English in China NOW

Bennie Mullins

·         3:00  China Missions: Partnering Together for a Greater Harvest

Bob Taylor and Daniel Rodriguez


Track 8: MISSIONS EDUCATION IN THE LOCAL CHURCH (Coordinator:  Joyce Hardin)

Thursday:  Training Children to Obey the Lord’s Commission

·        8:30  Teaching Missions to Children

              Don & Sylvia Petty

·        2:00  Missions Learning Center: Desert Bedouins of Arabia

              Don & Sylvia Petty

·        3:00  Establishing a Missions learning Center

              Don & Sylvia Petty

Friday:  Giving Children and Teens a Missions Vision

·        8:30  Missions Education: "Journeys Around the World" 

              Dan & Joyce Hardin

·        2:00  Simulated Activities for Teen Missions

              Dan & Joyce Hardin

·        3:00  Making Missions Real

              Dan & Joyce Hardin


Track 9: LIFE ON THE FIELD  (Coordinator:  John and Beth Reese)

Thursday:  Families With a Heart for Missions

·        8:30  Single and Focused

               Craig Phillips and Janice Bingham

·        2:00  Partnering with your Husband on the Field

              Cherry Hart

·        3:00  Raising Godly Third Culture Kids

              Beth and John Reese

Friday:  Spiritual Formation for the Missionary

·        8:30  Developing the Spiritual Discipline of Personal Worship

              Rhonda Lowry & Randy Harris

·        2:00  Soul Keeping

              Rhonda Lowry & Randy Harris

·        3:00  Deepening Your Spiritual Life

                                                Rhonda Lowry & Randy Harris

Saturday:  Cost of Living Abroad

·        8:30  Missionary Compensation:  Maintaining Equity Around the World

              Jerry Burgess

·        2:00  Missionary Compensation:  Maintaining Equity Around the World

                           Jerry Burgess                

·        3:00  Missionary Compensation:  Maintaining Equity Around the World

              Jerry Burgess


 Track 10: MISSIONS AND CULTURE ISSUES  (Coordinator:  Monte Cox)

Thursday:  Christ and Culture

·        8:30  The Kingdom of God and Cultures of Men

              John Barton

·        2:00  Crossing Cultures Creatively

              Mark Hopkins

·        3:00  Developing Cultural Sensitivity

              Dan Coker

Friday:  Christ and Postmodernism

·        8:30  How to Communicate to Post Moderns

              Jim Beck

·        2:00  Post Moderns and Global Missions

              Monte Cox              

·        3:00  Teaching Missions and Post Modernism

              Jim Beck, Monte Cox          

Saturday:  Culture of Money and Missions

·        8:30  The Indigenous Model vs. Supporting National Preachers

                           Philip Slate

·        2:00  American Culture and Money

                           Gailyn Van Rheenen

·        3:00  The Partnership Model

                                      Philip Slate, Gailyn Van Rheenen


Track 11: MISSIONARIES:  SHORT TERM AND INTERN (Coordinator:  Mark Woodward)

Thursday:  The Global Impact of Short-Term Missions

·        8:30  Survey of Short-Term Opportunities

              Greg Perry

·        2:00  Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Missions

              Mark Woodward

·        3:00  On the Field Impact of Short-Term Missions

              Bob Carpenter         

            Friday:  The Value of Missionary Internships

·        8:30  The Internship Menu

              Gary Green

·        2:00  The Value to Those Who Go

              Kris Smith

·        3:00  The Value to the Receiving Church

              Robert Reagan

            Saturday:  Preparing for Short Term Missions

·        8:30  Survival Guide for Short Term Missions

              Greg Taylor

·        2:00  Key Issues in Preparing for Short Term

              Clay Hart

·        3:00  Tools for Digging Deep Fast

              Craig Altrock, Mark Woodward



Thursday:  Breaking the Chains of Financial Dependency

·        8:30  Developing Financially Responsible Leadership and Churches

              Chuck Roost

·        2:00  Developing Financially Responsible Leadership and Churches

              Chuck Roost

·        3:00  Developing Financially Responsible Leadership and Churches

              Chuck Roost

            Friday:  Leadership Training Models

·        8:30  Extension Schools

              Rudy Wray

·        2:00  Non-Residential

              Dan Coker

·        3:00  Locally Established

              Henry Huffard and Dennis Okoth

Saturday:  Leadership Training:  Continental Interest

·        8:30  Africa

              Henry Huffard & Dennis Okoth

·        2:00  Latin America

               Dan Coker

·        3:00  South Pacific

                                      Steve Raine



Wednesday Luncheon

·         12:00 – 2:00   I.L.E.B.

                   Dan Coker

Wednesday  8:30 PM: 

·    Ukraine Ministries

     Roger Thompson

·         Russia

      Joel Petty

·         Internet and Missions

     Coordinator: Kit Lawson

·         World English Institute

     Dick Ady

·         Global Church Directory

Earle West

·         Brazil Church Planting

Charley Huffman

·         Mission Alive

Gailyn Van Rheenen

·         World Bible Translation Center


Thursday  8:30 PM: 

·         Sunset International Bible Institute

·         Working With Orphans in a Missions Context

      Steve Taliaferro

·         Asia

     Bill McDonough and Mark Hooper

·         What Missionaries Would Like to Ask a Doctor

Dr. Tom Winkler

·         Families in Global Transition

Joyce Blake

·         Eastern European Mission

     Frank Farr & Richard Baggett

·         South Pacific Missions

     Alan Phillips & Steve Raine

·         China

     Bob Taylor

·         Brazil Missions Supporters Network

Dale Brown

·         U.S. Church planting—Kairos:  Church Planting Support

Stan Granberg



Wednesday  8:30 PM:          Room M4

Thursday  8:30 PM:              Room M4

·         A time of scripture reflection and prayer thematic with the conference

Thomas Reppart

A collaborative effort of churches of Christ, coordinated by Missions Resource Network